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     Welcome to the New Brunswick 4-H website.  We're so glad you took the time to drop by and visit.  There are currently 26 organized 4-H clubs in the Province of New Brunswick and the numbers keep growing.  If you, or you and a few friends, would like to find out more about 4-H, please send us an e-mail.



   The 4-H program in the Province of New Brunswick  is open to all youth in the Province who are ages 7 through 21 years.  The age that a member uses for the 4-H year is the age that they are as of January 1 of the year of their Achievement Day.  To "achieve" means that a member has successfully completed all the requirements for their project for that year.  If requirements are not completed, the member does not achieve.

   The 4-H year runs from September to September.  All Clubs should hold at least one business meeting per month or 10 meetings for the 4-H year.

   The 4-H Program is organized into Clubs, District Councils and the Provincial New Brunswick 4-H Council.

   Each 4-H Club is the basic local unit and must consist of at least six members and one adult volunteer leader.  However, you can have more members and leaders if you wish.  Each 4-H member must carry at least one project for the year.

   Each 4-H Club should elect officers to run their Club meetings and take care of the activities at the Club level.  The adult volunteer leaders serve as resource persons for the members and work with them to operate the Club.

   Today we offer over 70 different projects for members to participate in.

   In addition to project work the New Brunswick members and leaders have a number of activities they can participate in.  Annual conferences and camps, canoe trip, wilderness retreat, and Provincial Show are some of these activities.

   Public Speaking is an important aspect of the 4-H Program and members are encouraged to participate in their Club Communications Competition.  Winners at the Club level advance on to their District Competition and from there to the Provincial Competition.  The top Senior Speaker if eligible will advance on to the "Canadian Young Speakers for Agriculture" competition at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto.  The New Brunswick 4-H Council covers their expenses.

   Scholarships are also available for 4-H members from various sponsors and companies.

   There are also a number of National 4-H Travel Opportunities available for senior members' aged 16 and over and leaders.  Some of the travel opportunities are trips to Great Britain, Washington, D.C., Ottawa, Toronto and other provinces on exchange trips. 

   The 4-H Program in New Brunswick is a valuable educational experience for its members and adult volunteer leaders and participants are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities available to them.

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